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– E-KIT Band010
Fastening strap kit door threshold ramps

– Excel-11-12732
T-Lock for Kit 1-4

– Excel-11-12742
R-Lock for Kit 1-4

Carrying bag for Lite ramp 70 cm (LRAMP070)

Catapult seats

Spare cover for catapult seat black UPL105, UPL160

Spare cover for catapult seat blue, UPPS136

– E-UPL105-G
Gas spring P1928 f. UPL105

– E-UPL160-G
Gas spring P1928C f. UPL160

Travel wheelchairs

– TC-9 stopper
Brake pad for TC010 Travel-Chair

– TC-010 bag
Bag for TC010 Travel-Chair, black

– 12-L-TC
Locking knob left cpl. for TC010

– 12-R-TC
Locking knob right cpl. for TC010

– 05TC
Rear wheel 8″ for TC 010 Travel-Chair

– (03TC)
Front wheel 5″ for TC 010 Travel-Chair

– E-TC110 bag
Bag for XTC110 Travel-Chair BIG, black

Bed handles/bed side rails

– E-ADV belt
Safety belt for travel bed handle ADV-Traveler

– E-ADV lock
Safety pin for travel bed handle ADV-Traveler

– E-BC belt
Safety belt for bed handle Bed Cane

– E-BC assembly set
Mounting kit for Bed Cane, consisting of: Safety pin, screw, open-end wrench

– E-BEDTG010
Safety belt for bed handle Frida, 98 cm

– E-BEDTG011
Safety belt for bed handle Frida, 140 cm

– NEW/NEW E-Glider
Bed handle glider for slatted frames

Bed handles/bed side rails

– E-PR belt
Safety belt for bed side rails Pivot-Rail PRAIL8000

– E-PR assembly set
Mounting kit for pivot rail, consisting of: Allen wrench, screws, washers

Floor ceiling rod

– E-PO distance
Spacer washer plastic, white for floor/ceiling rod

– E-PO document
Washer metal for floor-ceiling rod POLE1100

– E-PO locking bolt
Locking device for floor-ceiling rod POLE, set consisting of: Bolt and cotter pin

Sofa handle CouchTray

– E-CT assembly set
Mounting set CouchTray, consisting of: 2 Allen screws, stand screws, 3 tray screws, 8 screws

– E-CT tray-E
Wooden tray with cup/tensils insert for CouchTray

Gripping pliers

– FCLIP010
Replacement clip blue for Falke gripping pliers

– GLIP010
Rubber lip for grab Assist and Grabber Set consisting of: 2 pieces rubber lips incl. screws/nuts

Walking Stick Pathlighter

– XENON010
Replacement xenon lamp for PathLighter: Set (2 pieces)

– E-PATHL010
Replacement suction capsule for PathLighter


– CLIP010
Easy-Clip cane holder universal black for tubes up to 2,5 cmr