Türschwellenrampen - das Baukasten-Prinzip „Keine aufwendigen Umbauarbeiten nötig!“

Our door threshold ramps KITs are suitable for overcoming door thresholds of less than 1 cm up to 15 cm. You choose the right BASIS-KIT between 0 – 4 and then – if necessary – adjust it to exactly the desired height and width using a simple saw. In addition to the standard width of 75 cm, we also offer all sizes with a width of 100 cm. And if the ramp is to be used outdoors, you can also order the anti-slip version with “slip stop”.

The indestructible plastic and the construction principle guarantee unlimited load capacity.

– ideal for bridging small height differences
– practically unlimited load capacity
– easy to transport and assemble

– ideal for electric wheelchairs and scooters
– on request with Slip-Stop (for outdoor use) and/or 100 cm width

Door threshold ramps Kit-0

up to 2,4 cm high
Technical data:
height: 2,4 cm
width: 75 cm
length: 12,5 cm


Door threshold ramps Kit-1

up to 4,2 cm
Technical data:
height: 4,2 cm
width: 75 cm
Length: 25 cm


Door threshold ramps Kit-2

up to 7,8 cm
Technical data:
height: 7,8 cm
width: 75 cm
Length: 50 cm


Door threshold ramps Kit-3

up to 11,4 cm
Technical data:
height: 11,4 cm
width: 75 cm
length: 75 cm


Door threshold ramps Kit-4

up to 15 cm
Technical data:
Height: 15 cm
width: 75 cm
Length: 100 cm